Tuesday, February 4, 2014

182.5 Days

Why six months?

In short, because that's all the money I have. 

I've been plotting my escape for about three years now. Working and saving. And saving. I've assembled a little six-month war chest. Just enough to pay for rent, food, transportation, phone, and of course my share of the $1.2 Trillion. Also -- thanks to the advice of a financial adviser friend -- a three month cushion in case I fail to replace my income.

7 productive hours each day for six months is 1,272.5 hours. That's my potential growth time. 1,272.5 hours toward my goal of becoming a full-time musician.

Wouldn't a year be better? Yeah probably. But, that would have meant another two years of waiting and saving. Plus, six months is more finite. Just enough time to dig in but not enough to burn out.

My hope is that this sabbatical transforms into a livelihood. One that pays the bills and makes me happy. This isn't really an escape then. It's an investment. Job training if you will. A long shot and an experiment. Is 182.5 days enough to start making a living with music? We'll find out.