Monday, June 23, 2014

A little cheese with the wine

People don't go to a vineyard to have a bad time. Scenic terrane, fermented fruit and, if you’re lucky, some live music. At Ankeny Vineyard you get all of the above. One of my bands, Old Soul Brew, has been providing entertainment during the summer months for a few years now. It’s easily one of our favorite gigs. They host us like friends, pay us well, and the view is unbeatable. The owner, Joe, is a jazz fan and always makes an appearance when we’re on the books.

Ankeny Vineyard from the sky
few days before our gig last Saturday, a poem came to mind. We decided to perform it for the unsuspecting crowd. Imagine a beatnik rhythm and bass as you read:

Winding paths lead to rolling hills
Countryside so peaceful so still
I can’t imagine a place I’d rather be
Life is no race, you see
Wood fire pizza, you just can’t say no
No, not to Joe
For he has the power 
To turn grapes into liquid gold
So sit back and enjoy the good vibrations
Slowly sip on your one-of-a-kind libations
Let go of all past frustrations
They fade away without a trace
Especially when
You order by the case
As you relax and unwind please keep in mind
To tip your server
For they are the one’s that help us take our experience even further
No further ado is needed 
We’ll put an end to this silly rhyme
But, please do join us in having a remarkable time

The delivery was a little stiff in the beginning. But, once I got to “good vibrations” I loosened up and was able to get the crowds attention enough to get a few laughs and claps.

Overall, I think the patrons and staff appreciated the candid, and somewhat silly expression of our experience at Ankeny. Only one unintended consequence came of this word play: higher expectations to do another poem next time.