Friday, August 15, 2014

23 Axioms Every Musician Should Live By

Well, it's been longer than a couple days since I teased this list of axioms... but, I think it's worth the wait. 

As an introduction to the official "Neal's 23 Axioms" I've aggregated a pre-list list. A collection of Grandstaff's sayings and philosophies worth sharing with the interwebs. I call them Nealisms:
  • A musicians life depends on every note.
  • Stop communicating with the page. Communicate with each other.
  • Music is common everywhere. If you find yourself not liking a certain type, just find the groove!
  • Life is a shit sandwich; the more bread you got, the less shit you have to eat.
  • There’s no romance without finance.
  • Be as hip as you can be within the audiences context. Then, you won’t be too hip for the room.
  • What you should consider when you play:
    • Groove
    • Melody
    • Harmonic rhythm
    • Where you are in the tune
    • Why are you paying what you’re playing
  • There’s no such thing as a “bad” tune, just poor execution.
  • (My personal favorite) After saying something pointed or controversial toward the administration or other incarnations of “the man” Neal would often quip,
    • “Remember, I never said that. But, I meant it.”
Okay, now you're primed for the real deal. Here is Neal Grandstaff's official list of Axioms for a Livelihood in Music:
Neal Grandstaff's 23 Axioms

UPDATE: Some of you might be wondering who Neal Grandstaff is. Arguably, the best way to learn about a musician is to listen to their music. Here's Neal's most recent album. Get it while it's hot: